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During Matsymposium 2023 we have had the opportunity to show parts of the exhibition More Meat Less Meat that was exhibited at TKM Gråmølna between February 15th and May 1st this year.

More Meat Less Meat is an art exhibition of alternative food futures and multi-species encounters exploring the theme of meat and climate change in Norway. The show features collaborative, multi-sensory artworks by two artist groups: Center for Genomic Gastronomy and Chicks On Speed with collaborators.

The exhibition was created as part of the MEATigation research project (2020-2024) which has the primary objective to explore how meat is embedded in Norwegian food practices and to identify ways to promote sustainable meat-use in Norway.

Mitigating climate change through meat. A reduction in Western meat consumption is critical for respecting planetary boundaries, ensuring global food security, and improving human and animal health. However, even when positive to climate action, Europeans are reluctant to reduce their meat consumption, especially in the Nordic regions.”

— MEATigation Project

The theme of this exhibition is that “meat is not just calories: it is culture”. Through your interactions with the installations and events we invite you to imagine, taste and debate a range of food futures for a climate-changed Norway.

Foto: Dixin Wang

We have the pleasure of showing the following works of art:


The Center for Genomic Gastronomy:

More Meat Less Meat

Genomic Gastronomy, 2023
LED neon sign.

Artwork Description

Messages from above, below and within. To eat meat or to not eat meat? To increase herd size or to cultivate a plant-forward food system? Climate is changing, and our food needs to change, more or less. This sign blinks through some of the paths before us.


Sign Fabrication
NeonCraft, Oslo

January Herbarium (Malvik Mix)

Artwork Description

A collection of images and stories about cultivating plant-based foodways and food futures for Norway. Plants harvested in January at Stephen Barstow’s forest garden in Malvik, Norway.

Explore each of the featured edible plants through  audio descriptions. A selction can be found on this page, or listen to them all on SoundCloud >>> 


Thanks to:
Stephen Barstow for sharing his knowledge and passion with us and for inspiring growers around the world.

Technical Support:
Thanks to Bruce Sampson, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU for printing and technical support.

Food-Art Reading Room

Genomic Gastronomy and Martin Loeng, 2023
Curated collection of books.

Artwork Description

Collection of contemporary food-art books and historic Norwegian cookbooks. Bookmarks designate a recipe used in the exhibition or a (meat-adjacent) artwork by Genomic Gastronomy.

See full book list on this webpage.


Art-Food Books
Selected by Genomic Gastronomy

Historic Norwegian Cookbooks
Selected by Martin Loeng

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy is an artist-led think tank that examines the biotechnologies and biodiversity of human food systems. Our mission is to map food controversies, to prototype alternative culinary futures and to imagine a more just, biodiverse & beautiful food system.

The Center presents its research through public lectures, research publications, meals and exhibitions. Since 2010, the Center has conducted research and exhibited in Europe, Asia and North America. We collaborate with scientists, chefs, hackers and farmers.

Chicks on Speed:

Meatigation and More Meat Less Meat Live at Vippa: 

 “FeedBACKheartBEAT: an improvisation” 

 Live performative intervention by Alex Murray-Leslie & Sophia Efstathiou. 

 Costumes by Kathi Glas. 

Meatbody (screened on LCD screen at Vippa)

Panja Göbel, concept by Alex Murray-Leslie, 2023
Snapchat filter.

Artwork Description

Snapchat filter, 2023.


Panja Göbel, concept by Alex Murray-Leslie

TKM Timeline (screened on LCD screen at Vippa)

“Meat&Drag” song & music video

Song Credits

Lyrics written and performed by Sophia Efstathiou, Chicks on Speed (Alex Murray-Leslie & Melissa E. Logan), Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir & Leslie Johnston.

Music written and produced by Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir. Recorded at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU.

Video Credits

Concept & Artistic Direction by Liz Dom.

Directed by Liz Dom, Mohammad Bayesteh, Fil Ieropoulos & Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir.

Director of Photography and Live Editing by Mohammad Bayesteh.

Edited by Liz Dom.

Filmed on Location in Athens by Fil Ieropoulos & KiT TV Studio, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU.

Featuring performers: Sophia Efstathiou, Chicks on Speed (Melissa E. Logan & Alex Murray-Leslie), ORLAN, Kangela Tromokratisch, Anneli Røros, Panja Göbel, Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir, Catarina Gartner & Anna Maria Kepka Bergene.

MEATBODY augmented reality filter created and performed by Panja Göbel at Sainsburys, 2 Tulse Hill, London SW2 2TP, filmed by Paul-Mark Vincent on an iPhone Pro 12.

Hair and makeup by Anna Maria Kepka Bergene. Makeup worn by Sophia Efstathiou & Kangela Tromokratisch by Kangela Tromokratisch.

“Making of – photo roll” photos by Bruce Sampson, Alex Murray-Leslie, Mohammad Bayesteh & Fil Ieropoulos. Thanks to Bruce Sampson & Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU for printing support.

Costume Credits

Costumes by Kathi Glas.

Leslie Johnston’s costume includes screen printed elements on the front made by Leslie Johnson and Catarina Gartner.

“MEATBODY overalls” (Alex’s costume), concept Alex Murray-Leslie (Homage and reversion of “Dress for an Albino Anorectic” (1987) an artwork created by artist Jana Sterbak and a response to Lady Gaga’s “Meat Dress” worn at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards).

Kangela Tromokratisch wears prosthetics by Hermes Pittakos.

Hamburger dress and coat hanger by Anneli Røros & AnRø knits.

“Impossible foods NOW!”: Animated, sound tracked and edited by Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir, slogans written by Alex Murray- Leslie, Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir, Sophia Efstathiou & Leslie Johnson. “What is beautiful is not always right, what is right is not always beautiful” quote by George Monbiot, Regenisis, Feeding the World Without Devouring the Planet, 2022.

“An interview with ORLAN about Drag, Carnal Art, Femininity? and Flesh, Rue de la Fontaine, Paris, 12th November, 2022” Chicks on Speed & Collaborators (2022)

Interview questions written and led by Sophia Efstathiou with a question written and performed by Alex Murray-Leslie.

Translation by George Kostakis.

Filmed at ORLAN’s studio by Alex Murray-Leslie, Anna Kepka & Amalia Brochman.

Featuring guests: Tim Yipp, Daniel Lismore, Mei Lui Hui, Benjamin Teare & Lilly.

Audio recording by Alex Murray-Leslie edited by Mohammad Bayesteh. Additional free-style edit by Amalie Brochmann & Anna Maria Kepka Bergene.

Video & field recordings from Vigianello, Italy, of calls between humans and other animals. Recorded and edited by James Bridle for the exhibition ‘Il Paesa di Cuccagna’, co-curated by James Bridle and Navine G Khan-Dossos for I-DEA, Matera City of Culture, 2019.

“An Evening at Orlan’s Atelier” by Ania Kepka and Amalie Brochmann. “It’s all about the packaging” an explanation by Symin Adive.

Additional live telematic footage filmed during the Chicks on Speed live performance at Dokkhuset, DIKU Norwegian Artistic Research Week, 19th April, 2021 & Chicks on Speed “Uploading the Human” performance, Muffatwerk 27th July, 2022 featuring performers Melissa E. Logan, Alex Murray- Leslie, Panja Göbel, Sophia Efstathiou, Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir, Federico Visi and Saskia von Klitzing.

Filmed by Mohammad Bayesteh, David Rych, Srinavin Kumar Raja, Prerna Bishnoi, Faezeh Valadan Zoej with editing by Mohammad Bayesteh.

Chicks on Speed

Iconic Art-pop band Chicks on Speed (COS), a collaborative group modeled in many ways on artistic movements for framing diverse practices, interventions and experiments, akin to the Bauhaus, the Situationist International or Fluxus. COS was founded 28 years ago by Melissa E. Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie as a semi-open collaborative and/or collective banner for work that cross-pollinates performance art, pop music, fashion, video art and design. They propelled themselves into the world of music, as a commercially functioning pop act, with a special mix of irony & electronic beats. The music of Chicks on Speed is performance focused, not surprisingly, they originally formed as a larger performance art collective, during their studies at the Munich Art Akademie. 

COS are DADA & KLF driven with a music biz edge, utilising parody and fashion, whilst working together with a long list of collaborating artists like Karl Lagerfeld, Jeremy Scott, Douglas Gordon, Tina Frank, Roman Dziadkiewicz, Julian Assange, Princess Francesca Hapsburg, Jeremiah Day & ORLAN. For composing their visionary style of music, CoS have invented bespoke sound sculptures and wearable tech they call ‘Objektinstruments’ (including the high heeled shoe guitar). The groups collaborative and solo works have been presented internationally across a stunning range of contexts and venues, from major museums, to rock ’n’ roll tours with superstar artists, to global fashion magazines. 

The group has developed a system of rotating members who co-author, build exhibitions, teach seminars, and learn by doing, through copyleft / open-source. However, it is the intimacy, intensity, and spontaneity of working with practitioners, whether established or just beginning their studies — the co-creation of teaching and learning — that animates and inspires much of their work.